Interdisciplinary Design

This project was a collaboration between architecture, landscape architecture, and city & regional planning students in order to develop a well-rounded design. 

Historical Preservation

The goal of the competition was to preserve and/or restore a sinking landmark, Castle Pinckney, located on an island just off the coast of Charleston, SC. The site was integral to early naval battles and served as an important element to the history of the area.

Cultural Exploration

In March of 2013 I took a trip to Charleston to visit the site, meet the people, and experience the history personally. The cultural richness was overwhelming and significantly helped with the style and focus of the project. Tremendous generosity, a love for life and each other, and careful historic preservation were prevalent themes that contributed to the final lively imagery of the presentation, as well as the transformative and thoughtful structure of the pathways, which act as a timeline visitors could walk endlessly and appreciate where the area came from and where it's headed.