Life Happens

Sometimes things don't happen the way we've planned. Often, actually. It's been a few weeks since my last post and I'm just going to call the absence a spring break. Work has had me coming home around midnight more than a couple times, family visited for a long weekend, new medical treatments have begun, hours spent fixing up the home have been logged, pet emergencies happened, and writing has taken a backseat to it all. But as all the little pieces add up and become overwhelming I'm reminded why routine is so important. It's grounding. It helps define a baseline, a standard, a norm when everything else is up in the air. I've noted a theme here at work I'd like to discuss and will need a day of free time to write my next blog post well. The topic? School Isn't Practical & That's Ok.

But for now, I'll leave you with a story featuring yet another example of Cal Poly's innovative students: Biodegradable coffee cups that grow trees from waste by  Reduce. Reuse. Grow.